cassette_tapescience and skepticism

  • The Skeptics’ Guide is consistant, well produced, interesting, lively and pretty much everything you could want if you’re looking for an accessible podcast about science and skepticism. The standard by which all skeptical podcasts must be judged.
  • The Brain Science Podcast does exactly what you’d expect. Dr Ginger has the loveliest accents of all podcasting physicians (sorry Steve Novella, you’re a close second).
  • Mark Crislip’s Quackcast puts the boot into all forms of snake oil retail. Not for the fence-sitters, he goes for the jugular and pulls no punches. Yes, I like to mix metaphors, so shoot/sue me.
  • Caustic Soda is a funny look at all things dangerous, deadly and just generally worth avoiding, with a pleasing format of starting with etymological definitions, a weekly expert, personal anecdotes, loads of history and pop references.
  • Radiolab is a stunningly well produced poddle, with soundscapes being conjured out of nothing before your very ears. Interesting topics, with a slightly high cheese rating for my cynical British sneery-face, but lovely just the same.
  • Science Friday Podcast It’s Friday, it’s science, it’s the Science Friday Podcast. Americans talking about science. On Friday.

There are, of course, many many more super-fine examples, some of which I may add later.


  • The Bugle Andy and John talk politics, sport, and utter bollocks, at each other, again and again. “Powerhosing Premium-Calibre Satirical Hogwash Over Planet Earth Since 2007”, apparently.
  • robin and josie’s utter shambles is rambling, good natured, cosy and about as slick as porcupine on the defensive.
  • a bit of a chat with ken plume is also quite rambling, and often far more about comedy than actually being comedy itself, but if you like comedians when they’re not trying, listen.

more to come, possibly.



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