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Practicing “will” by VOYAGING INTO THE FUTURE!


Practicing “will” future can fall into, dare I say it, predictable areas (“How will Manchester United do this season?”, “What will the weather be like at the weekend?”) and I find it a good opportunity to get into the discussion of real technologies and how they could change our lives as well as possible future developments, if only to keep myself awake. Depending on the group, I’ve used everything from 3D printers, jetpacks, teleportation and superconductors. I find that this theme can stimulate the brains of even the least scientifically minded student. If they find the grammar a little challenging, perhaps they would feel better about also being a little challenged by the content. Personally, I found it demoralizing to discover, after much mental strain in my attempt to understand German grammar, quite mundane facts about German Bundeslände, and that leaves turn red in the Autumn in Germany too (God they made us sing an actual SONG about it!).